The New York Jets Offense Has A Lot To Learn During Training Camp

By Akiva Goldenberg

The New York Jets offense has a new offensive coordinator, a new starting wide receiver, Tim Tebow, and a new scheme. Brian Schottenheimer and Plaxico Burress are gone, in their places are Tony Sparano and Stephen Hill. Tim Tebow isn’t the only one learning a new playbook, everyone on the team is going to be learning a lot during training camp.

Twitter is buzzing with mentions of the “22” offense and the Wildcat, which indicates the team is heading in a direction opposite to the league wide emphasis of running an offense that emphasizes throwing the ball. Tebow hasn’t been the Wildcat guy, though he has experience that suggests he could succeed in that role.

Mark Sanchez is going to have to do a lot of hard work, especially since he never played in an offense similar to the one the Jets will utilize. Sanchez played in a true west coast offense in college then came into the league playing in Schottenheimer’s “unique” system. The team hopes that Sanchez, Tebow, and a number of other players, like Wayne Hunter, can all learn how to play in their new roles under coach Sparano.

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