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MGM Mirage Preseason Prediction For The New York Jets In 2012

According to the MGM Mirage has released it’s annual NFL preseason wins prediction (also known as over-unders). The MGM Mirage expects the New York Jets to win around eight and a half games (-145 for over/+125 for under).

It is important to note that MGM has listed that the New England Patriots will win about 11.5 games (-110 over/-110 under), the Buffalo Bills will win around seven games (even over/-120 under), and the Miami Dolphins earning seven wins (-110 over/-110 under). I don’t think that these are very good predictions at all.

The reason for my lack of faith in those predictions is because they basically state the Patriots will win about a game less than one year yet the Jets won’t win any extra games and somehow the Bills and Dolphins will have the same record at 7-9. Right now, after the NFL Draft, I expect New York to win nine games, Buffalo to win seven games, Miami to win five games, and New England to win 12 games.

Based on the ease of the Jets schedule towards the end of the year and their lingering weakness at the safety positions I expect the team to post nine victories which means they will have to get lucky to earn a playoff berth. This prediction may very well change dramatically if the team makes a big trade or a major player is lost due to injury.

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