Tennessee Titans: Making room for Kendall Wright, Kenny Britt and Nate Washington

By Stephanie Umek

There has been a lot of talk around Nashville these past few days about Tennessee Titans first round draft pick, Kendall Wright, moving into the same position as current wide receiver Kenny Britt. I don’t understand why people are panicking.

Britt is an excellent receiver and it’s not like Wight is coming in to replace him. The coaches told the Tennessean the other day that they are experimenting with it because they feel it will be a good learning experience for Wright. It’s true isn’t it? If you’re going to learn you mind as well learn from one of the best. Just because Wright is moving into the “X” receiver spot doesn’t mean that Britt is not going to be healthy for the regular season.

Then there is the argument of where Britt will go when the Titans still have Nate Washington and Marc Mariani fighting for more time with the ball. Last time I checked, this was yet another GOOD problem for the Titans to have. Fortunately Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer is working on adjustments that will hopefully allow the three best receivers to be on the field all at the same time with a three-wideout formation.

“Our plan is to have the best three receivers on the field… I’ll promise you this: If Kenny’s healthy, Kendall’s healthy and Nate’s healthy, all three of them will be on the field at one time.”

This is the part of football that is fun. The creativity to put all of your biggest weapons together at one time so that the offense is unstoppable is the ultimate goal. Palmer has the experience and the vision to do this and I think everyone just needs to calm down.

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