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NFL Dallas Cowboys

The True Trade Value For Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins of the Dallas Cowboys is an enigma. In 2009 he was voted into the Pro Bowl yet his performance in 2010 was horrid and he was an average starter in 2011. Recently news sources have been reporting that the cornerback is being targeted for a trade.

It’s important to understand this player’s true value. According to Profootballfocus he was graded at +1.1 which is slightly above average. Regardless of what commentators like John Clayton of ESPN say, Jenkins is a number two cornerback and not a true number one.

He struggled with injuries last year and he’s not an ideal fit in Dallas but he could help a team looking for a replacement opposite their number one starter. Yes it is true that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett stated the team would not trade the cornerback but that seems like a bit of a white lie. The team won’t trade Jenkins if they don’t get a good enough offer.

Cornerback is arguarbly the third most valuable position in the NFL (after a quarterback and a pass rushing DE or OLB). Consequently Jenkins‘ trade value is greater than that of an above average running back or wide receiver. Considering this fact I hypothesize that a fair trade would be one where the Cowboys get a third round pick for the player.

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts should know that according to NFL News the team is targeting Jenkins in a trade.

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