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Victor Cruz is now the Number One Receiver

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Victor Cruz may now be the New York Giants number one receiver. I don’t think the Giants thought that would happen this fast, however with the injury to Hakeem Nicks, the process has begun. Now the pressure is on Cruz to prove he isn’t a one year wonder.


I don’t believe that Cruz will be a one year wonder, flash in the plan kind of player. I do believe however, that he will need to make adjustments on his game going forward. With Nicks status for the start of the year in doubt, Cruz becomes the number one target. Defenses are going to start rolling coverages his way more often then they had been doing. He’s gonna see the corner get help from the safety to double team him. Nicks will be back, maybe even sooner than previously thought, as some reports have him back as early as 4-6 weeks. You have to believe though, that a broken bone in the foot will hamper him, maybe throughout the season. Nicks does get injured quite a bit and you have to hope that his injuries don’t become a trend that continues.


In order for Cruz’s production to not suffer, other players need to step up. The running game needs to be better than it was last year. Whether it was the offensive line or the running backs not reading the blocks correctly, the running game didn’t take off until late in the season when the team took off. Other receivers like rookie Rueben Randle and Jerrel Jernigan will need to produce as well.


Even if the injury to Nicks is only for a month it still might be something that could hamper him as the season goes on. Anytime and injury happens to your foot especially as a receiver, it could stay with you a little bit as the season goes, especially with the injury history Nicks already has. Cruz is now number one. The question is what will happen going forward.

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