Sam Bradford Renegotiates Contract With St. Louis Rams

While much of the talk surrounding St. Louis Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford of late has pertained to his bum ankle and his status as a franchise QB, the latest news with the club’s starter has to do with his contract.

$12 million in fully guaranteed base salary was scheduled per Bradford’s contract in 2012 with a $15.595 million cap number. After a renegotiation on May 9, the team turned half of the base salary $12 million into a roster bonus that was paid on May 11. The remainder of the $6 million will be paid to Bradford during the course of the upcoming season.

His final three contract years with the team remain unaltered with Bradford slated to earn $9 million in base salary in 2013, $8 million guaranteed, $14.015 million in 2014 and $12.985 million in 2015. There are up to $800,000 in escalators available in each of those years with a total of $2 million in incentives possible.

Bradford’s career numbers to this point don’t live up to the number one overall pick status that he was given. A 57.6 completion percentage on 947 pass attempts for 5,676 yards with 24 touchdowns and 21 interceptions needs to improve if the Rams hope to get better in the near term.

Injuries have riddled Bradford’s career with the former Oklahoma Sooner suffering a third degree AC joint sprain during his junior year of college only to return and re-injure the shoulder three weeks later. He won the 2010 rookie of the year award in the NFL, but last year saw the injury bug return with a nagging high ankle sprain that is still troubling the quarterback. The Rams know that if they want to get anywhere as a franchise, Bradford must stay healthy.

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  • http://MSN Terry

    Wow, you act like Sams A bum and that he is never on the field cause he s always hurt.Some writers always focus on the negative.All he has gone thru in 2 seasons and now is learning his 3 rd offense.To win rookie offensive player of the yr with what the rams had around him is remarkable,but all I hear is how injuries plagued him all last yr and how he didnt perform. Im pretty sure he got sacked more than any qb in the league and countles balls thrown that hit his receivers right in there hands that were dropped.Im excited for Sam! Jeff Fisher and Les Snead
    Know what kind of qb they have and they are doing a great job of putting the right pieces in place.This team is gonna be solid. Have to admit Im a Sooner and have always thought Jeff Fisher was a great coach. Im looking forward to seeing this team more than any other team this year and think Sam and Jeff are gonna have this team competing Sooner than you think.Good for Sam and the team for renegotiating his contract.