Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee Benefits from Visit with Tennessee Titans

By Stephanie Umek

Even though the offseason program is well underway at Baptist Field in Nashville, the Tennessee Titans always have time to get involved in the community. Especially if it is working with kids and the Play60 program.

The total number of kids in attendance was about 75 and they had the opportunity to be involved with many of the Titans players in about eight different football drills. After the kids had their fun, the Titans invited about 100 Special Olympic contestants onto the field to go through the drills which included, throwing the football, speed and defensive drills and not to mention working on agility.

Dan Jernigan is the President and CEO of the Boys and Girls club of Middle Tennessee that participated in the program and he loves the message that not only the Titans but the NFL reinforce.  He told the Tennessean that, “The Boys & Girls Clubs are so excited to have this partnership with the Tennessee Titans. They have been a strong supporter of our organization. Anytime you can get our kids outside — it’s such a beautiful day, and get them exercising with the Tennessee Titans, we all benefit.”

Not only were the players present for the exercises, but so was head coach Mike Munchak. The Titans are so absolutely proud of their work in the community it would be a hard activity for Munchak to miss. He even told the kids the importance of staying active in any way that they can. If they can’t give 60, give 30. Any activity to stay healthy is better than no activity at all.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but I believe that the Titans are one of the best teams as far as getting involved in their community. Between doing this Play60 day and the Titans Caravan, all while the NFL Draft and their offseason program is going on. It shows the busy schedules and dedication that the players and coaches have not only to football but to the community.

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