Hard Knocks And The Miami Dolphins Will Make A Good Combination This Season

By Jeff Everette

Fans of the Miami Dolphins will get an inside look at their team during training camp this year.  The team has agreed to let in the HBO cameras, as they begin filming the latest season of the hit series Hard Knocks.

The news was announced by head coach Joe Philbin today and comes as a surprise to most people around the league.  After all, the Miami Dolphins are not the prettiest girl at the dance.

HBO has had trouble finding a team that was interested in being showcased this year, and of all teams that come to mind as potentially good television, the Dolphins probably come in somewhere near the bottom, even for true fans of the Aqua & Orange.  The team is going through a rebuilding phase and would appear to have little to offer in the way of entertainment.

Still, HBO always comes through and delivers a show worth watching, and the Dolphins have enough story lines to make it interesting.  As the Director of Content at RantSports.com Dan Parzych pointed out, there will be a three way battle for the starting quarterback position.  Matt Moore took over part way through the season last year and after a decent showing it was expected that he would come in to camp as the starter this year.  Those expectations changed when the Dolphins announced the offseason signing of David Garrard, followed closely by the highly publicized selection of Ryan Tannehill with the 8th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Taking Tannehill marks the first time that Miami has selected a quarterback in the first round since NFL legend, Dan Marino.  This, along with the fact that he was taken within the top 10, will put a lot of pressure on the rookie to not only take the starting job, but to also become the leader of the Dolphins moving forward.  This should be interesting to watch play out on television.

There are several fresh faces that will be fighting to secure a position on the roster, including the accountant turned tight end, Les Brown.  The ordinary Joe to NFL pro story never gets old, and this year HBO will be recording every second of the drama.

The defense will even get in on the action this year as they look to move forward without leader, Yeremiah Bell, who was released earlier this year and just recently signed with their division rival New York Jets.  After a Cameron Wake hold out and subsequent huge new deal, the pass rush specialist should be energized and exciting to watch.

This is also the first year under a new coaching staff, which is one of the reasons it is surprising that the Dolphins would invite the pressures of a reality series into their facilities, but with all of the negative publicity that the team has gotten this offseason, they must have felt that this would be a way to show themselves in a better light.

If the team is able to present itself as a solid organization with high hopes for the future, then this could work out in Miami’s favor.  As a team that seems to have trouble recruiting big name players to South Beach, the Dolphins may be able to use this opportunity to show the league what they have to offer, opening the minds of players who may have otherwise not been interested before.

HBO could have picked a much worse team to shadow, after all, the Dolphins have a rich history, fresh talent, and the hopes of becoming great once again.


Jeff Everette is a featured columnist for Rant Sports.  You can follow him on twitter @jeverettesports, or his facebook page Jeff Everette- RantSports.com, for all of his latest articles, opinions, and rants.

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