Jacksonville Jaguars Passed Over By HBO's Hard Knocks

By Joey Farbo

The drama of the Jacksonville Jaguars 2012 training camp and preseason will not unfold on national television.

The Jaguars, who had previously expressed their interest in being featured on the HBO documentary series Hard Knocks that follows around one NFL team for the entirety of the preseason, were passed up by the network in for the opportunity to follow the Miami Dolphins.

While several teams had expressed their lack of interesting in appearing on the show this summer, the Jaguars were consistent in their willingness to be featured on the show. The Jaguars interest in appearing on the show likely stemmed from new owner Shahid Khan and his desire to give his football team a bigger national presence.

While appearing on the wildly popular Hard Knocks would have given the Jaguars a boost in national attention, the real way for Khan and the Jaguars to get more recognition nationally is to put together a consistent winner on the field.

The Jaguars were not necessarily considered an attractive option for the show, but they have several intriguing story lines heading into the 2012 season that would have made for good television.

Perhaps the most important and intriguing story around the Jaguars this summer will be how new head coach Mike Mularkey and his coaching staff will help turn around young quarterback Blaine Gabbert after a poor rookie season. Mularkey has expressed his confidence in Gabbert and the Jaguars could be poised for a massive turnaround in 2012 if Gabbert can play up to the level the Jaguars front office expected him to play at when they used a top 10 pick on him in the 2011 NFL Draft.

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