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NFL Chicago Bears

Matt Forte Drama Continues

We have not heard much about Matt Forte until this past week or so. Over the last week, a few reports surfaced about Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte and why a deal has not been reached. As we all know, the Bears placed the franchise tag on Forte right before the start of free agency. If Forte would to ever sign the franchise tag tender, he would early 7.7 million in the upcoming season.

Matt Forte is reportedly looking for 20 million guaranteed and job security, but may not get it. 20 million guaranteed is not too much to ask for since he’s been the Chicago Bears offense the past 2 season. I know that won’t have to be the case anymore with Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush and Alshon Jeffery in the fold now, but you have to pay a guy who’s meant so much to you. DeAngelo Williams who just got a new contract received 21 million guaranteed and Forte is a more complete running back.

One reason the Bears are reluctant to offer Forte a long-term contract is they have concerns his knees won’t hold up in the long run. Since Forte’s college career, he has been a workhorse with handling the ball. At Tulane, Forte had almost 1,000 touches and that was a concerns entering the 2008 NFL draft. So, far Forte has over 1,200 caries under his belt in the NFL and the Bears are wondering how long his knees will hold up. Since Forte’s started running the ball, he has had 3 knee injuries and a concern he may end up with arthritis. The Bears just don’t know how long his knees will holdup and don’t want to offer him anything besides the 1-year franchise offer.

Matt Forte’s agent spoke about this report and called it ridiculous.

Running backs do have the shortest life span for good years and that’s another main reason you don’t see the Bears giving into Forte.

In the beginning of the off-season, I was sure the Bears and Forte would agree to a long-term extension. Now I’m saying both sides will not agree to an extension. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but I see Forte signing the franchise tag at some point. Forte would see pay checks not coming his way and will give in. I am made, but it’s all about business. This may very well be the last season for Forte as a Chicago Bears!