Buffalo Bills Sign Undrafted Receiver Derek Sessions

By Adam McGill

The Buffalo Bills had their eye on several different undrafted rookies this past week, but the one that caught their eye the most  was senior receiver, Derek Sessions.  Buffalo signed the relatively unknown receiver in hope of adding some much needed help on the other side of star receiver, Steve Johnson.  Sessions hauled in 132 passes for over 1,300 yards in his 48 career games, as he quickly became their most dominant threaten the Black Bear’s offense.

At 6’1” and a massive 225 pounds, Sessions has outstanding size for a wideout.  He may have only racked up 280 receiving yards this past year, but his true impact will come as a receiver across the middle and as a blocker on the outside.  There are not many receivers the size of Sessions in the NFL, so the rookie may eventually have to bulk up if the Bills decide to move him to the tight end position.

Sessions may not be in line for a starting spot in week one, but the Bills’ lack of depth at the position will ensure him playing time if he can make the final roster.  He will need to work on his route running and hands, but his enormous size will certainly help him push out the competition.  He could end up being a solid fourth receiver for the team, especially in red-zone situations.

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