Indianapolis Colts Could Have Benefited From Being on "Hard Knocks"

By J.M. Nicholas

Earlier this week, HBO announced that they would be focusing their NFL training camp documentary series “Hard Knocks” on the Miami Dolphins this off-season. Nearly half of the teams in the NFL were contacted by HBO one way or another, and many teams turned down the offer, before the Dolphins decided to accept the invitation. The Indianapolis Colts were one of the other NFL teams who were approached about being on the show, but the organization declined the offer. With so much going on for this new Colts team in the 2012-13 season, being featured on “Hard Knocks” could have been a great opportunity to showcase the building of this young team from the ground up.

Indianapolis totally cleaned house following a dismal 2011-12 season, which saw the Colts acquire only two victories, as opposed to 14 losses. After dumping their general manager, the Colts parted ways with their head coach, and then showed the door to a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback. Their league-low win total from last season allowed the Colts to be “awarded” the number one overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, which the Colts of course spent on a new franchise quarterback. Andrew Luck is going to be in the spotlight all season regardless, so how could it hurt to have a couple more cameras rolling during training camp?

The Indianapolis Colts currently still have 3,000 season tickets available for next season. Just last year, the Colts had a ten-year waiting list for season tickets. It just goes to show how quickly things can change in the NFL, when a team can go from Super Bowl aspirations to the bottom of the barrel in the blink of an eye. The soap opera that surrounded the Colts this off-season has obviously alienated some fans. Not only would “Hard Knocks” be a chance for the NFL to see how the new players and coaches will approach this attempt to rebound and rebuild, but the documentary series would help offer NFL fans a chance to get to know this brand new Horseshoe.

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