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“Nothing” Will Bring Jerry Jones to Trade Dallas Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins

Trade talks regarding Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins continue around Valley Ranch despite team officials repeatedly saying there’s no way it will happen. As he typically does when he’s pushed to the limit, team owner Jerry Jones tried to go to the extreme with the media on Wednesday to make it clear Jenkins is staying in Dallas.

“There’s nothing that I can conceive that would help us more as a football team and help us accomplish where we’re going to be next year than having Jenkins on the team,” Jones said. “I’m sure not interested in anything in the future. I’m all about what we can do [this] year.”

That last line contradicts what Jones said right after the Cowboys drafted Morris Claiborne No. 6 overall at the end of April; Dallas’ head honcho said Jenkins was a very important part of the Cowboys long- and short-term plans.

The first part of Jones’ comments are on par with his more recent lectures in that Jenkins is a part of what the Cowboys are “trying to do defensively this year.” Dallas is planning on running a hybrid look for its base defense with three down linemen, three linebackers, four cornerbacks and one safety.

As for Jenkins not showing up to the Cowboys’ OTA’s so far? Jones isn’t worried.

“I don’t view this as a negative. I view it as a big positive,” Jones said. “I want to emphasize the advantages that we could have with him and the other corners that we have out there. [It’s] so intriguing and has the potential to be so impactful to our team that there’s no draft pick that I’m interested in.”

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