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Tim Tebow Is Accused Of Worshipping The Devil By Christian Website Due To Nike Endorsement

Not every Christian out there loves New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.  In fact, some people actually think he worships the devil.  I bet you thought you would never read that sentence, did you?  Charles Hubbard, the owner of Love Sportswear, accuses Tebow of worshipping the devil because of his Nike endorsement.

God’s revelation to teach Tebow and you a lesson. The 316 yards he threw in Playoff Game 1 was no accident. He was strengthened by Jesus Christ to show Tebow and the world the blessings that come from honoring the 1st Commandment and not honoring the pagan goddess Nike!

Tim Tebow’s terrible performance in Playoff Game 2 in which he was injured was to show Tebow and the world the curse that comes to those who break the 1st Commandment and honor the pagan goddess Nike. Christ did not strengthen Tebow in that game!

Sso if you are able to follow that, you can see that Hubbard is not a fan of Tim Tebow.  I mean, devil worship is a pretty big charge.  I would expect Tebow is about the last person that would worship the devil but I guess you never know.

I wonder if Hubbard is related to L. Ron Hubbard.  If he is, we might start hearing that Tim Tebow is actually a believer in Scientology.  Now that would make a front page story.  Him and Tom Cruise could become best friends and I think the world would stop spinning on its axis.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.