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Two New York Giants are in Top 25 in Jersey Sales

The NFL’s biggest jersey sellers were released from the period of April 1-May 28th and two New York Giants made the top 25 in jersey sales. Those two were Eli Manning and Victor Cruz. This makes sense because they are probably the two most popular Giants players as of right now.


I was curious to see where some of the numbers were going to be considering the new licensing with Nike and the re-branding and re-making of NFL jerseys for fans. As a person who has a few jerseys in their collection (including Eli), I wasn’t going to drop $80 on the new if I already had one.


Eli was fifth in all jersey sales, behind his brother Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck. Eli is the only of those five to not be either drafted or change teams. Winning the Super Bowl probably helps in some respect.


Victor Cruz came in 17th, tied with Brian Urlacher. Cruz had the second highest selling jersey for a receiver behind Calvin Johnson. Cruz rose to stardom last year after being injured for the 2010 season. Being an awesome salsa dance probably helped as well. Cruz and Eli were ahead of their counterparts in the Super Bowl from the previous year in Tom Brady and Wes Welker. Brady was ninth and Welker tied for 23rd.


Of course these will fluctuate throughout the year. Maybe Jason Pierre-Paul will sneak into the top 25 if he continues his pro-bowl level of play. Maybe Justin Tuck will. We’ll take a look at the next list and see if there are any changes.