Washington Redskins: RG III Jersey A Top Seller

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins are already No.1 in the NFC East and they haven’t played a game yet. That’s because Robert Griffin III is selling out stores with his jerseys.

This month the RG III jersey was tops in sales, beating out Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow in the process, according to NFLShop.com, via The Washington Post.
However, the NFL says Manning’s Broncos jersey and Tebow’s Jets jersey have sold more than any other over the past two months on NFLShop.com

I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to be surprised at the number of RG III jerseys being worn in Norfolk Virginia this season.
He’s a magnet for marketing. However, I am surprised that his jersey is topping sales when quarterbacks like Manning and Tebow have made just as much buzz in the news.

The jersey is already the first of its kind to bear roman numerals, so this news is just another notch on the belt…or the sock…Whatever.
Here’s what I’ve noticed about RG III that maybe explains his golden touch: He’s taken ownership of the Washington Redskins and their forecasted success for the NFL 2012 Season. He’s dedicated not only to the Redskins having a better season than last year’s 5-11 season, but he’s also determined to make sure that head coach Mike Shanahan sees his money’s worth. I think the last thing he wants to happen is an epic collapse to be on his shoulders.

This guy is building his business around the Washington Redskins. He has an investment on and off the field to protect. So when you see him on Jay Leno, or somewhere in Ashburn handing out his socks and signing football jerseys, remember, he’s more than what you’re seeing on the field.
The cool thing about this is he knows that.


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