Agent Says Mike Jenkins Will Wisely be at Dallas Cowboys' Mandatory Mini-camp

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins hasn’t been to any of the team’s OTAs over the past two weeks, but good news arrived via his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. On Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he’s heard from Rosenhaus and Jenkins will be at Dallas’ mandatory mini-camp, which begins the second week of June.

“I haven’t talked to him about those kinds of things, but I do know his agent said he will be here, for sure,” Jones said. “And he’s never not been to anything mandatory.”

Jenkins has never asked for a trade before, either. Dallas has turned down multiple trade offers for Jenkins from the Indianapolis Colts, even after Jenkins requested to be moved and failed to show up for the team’s OTAs. While many are considering Jenkins’ absence a holdout, of sorts, Jones doesn’t see it that way; or at least that’s what he’s telling the media.

“I just think he’s probably getting in shape, getting ready to play,” Jones said. “There is no question that he wants to play.”

Well, all right then. As mentioned last week here at, Jenkins is only hurting himself by not showing up to OTAs, where he could receive treatment for his surgically-repaired shoulder from the Cowboys’ training staff. According to Rosenhaus, he’ll be at the mandatory mini-camp, but failing to show up for OTAs doesn’t look good for a player who “wants to play.”

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