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Allen Wranglers to Be Sued by Terrell Owens?

Former Pro Bowl receiver Terrell Owens just can’t stand being out of the spotlight, regardless of whether the attention is positive or negative.

After being released by the Indoor Football League’s Allen Wranglers earlier this week– allegedly for a $50 severance fee– the diva wideout  is now threatening to sue the team for breach of contract, according to a couple of different websites and blogs.

Owens evidently is not happy the team criticized him publicly for failing to show up for a scheduled appearance at an event at a children’s hospital in Dallas, even though he has refused to this point to give a reason for his absence.

Per a statement made to the entertainment website TMZ:

Mr. Owens’ legal team is addressing the details of the Wranglers release statement. He played all games according to his contractual agreement and was proud to be part of the IFL and the Allen Wranglers.

Proud, huh?

It’s easy to take a side in T.O.’s most recent drama.

Do you side with the Allen Wranglers, who have, more than likely, been screwed over by the T.O. Show as so many employers have been in the past?

Or, do you side with Terrell Owens and believe what he would like for us all to continue believing, that he is misunderstood and painted as the bad guy a sports media out to destroy and derail his career?

I, for one, believe  No. 81 has burned all the bridges left to be burned, and  is leaking a rumor he might sue the Wranglers to the press as one last desperate attempt to stay in the public spotlight and maintain some relevance.

We’re no longer getting our popcorn ready for you Terrell.

Your act lost it’s entertainment value long ago.

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