Darrelle Revis Won’t Commit to Being at Jets Camp

Just two seasons ago cornerback Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets underwent a very public holdout that eventually resulted in Revis getting a four-year, $$46 million contract that included $32.5 million in guaranteed money.  Now, as training camp looms ever closer, Revis is back to toying with the Jets again.  Revis was recently asked by the media if he planned on reporting to Jets camp in Cortland on July 26th. Revis, who only a few weeks ago said he was happy with his contract, said “I don’t know.  I don’t know if I am or if I’m not.”

If Revis decides to holdout, which could cost him $30,000 per day under the new collective bargaining agreement, the Jets should be righteously ticked off.  Just two seasons ago they gave the man what he wanted and made him among the top paid corners in the NFL.  Since then, the cost for elite corners has gone up.  However, Revis is the one who signed that deal, nobody else.  He has nobody to blame but himself.

There is no doubt that Darrelle Revis is the New York Jets best player.  There is also no doubt the he is probably the best cornerback in the NFL.  However, what he is doing to the Jets is reprehensible.  He knew his deal was heavily frontloaded and he signed it anyway.  Currently, he is slated to make $7.5 million this season and $6 million next season.  That, apparently, doesn’t sit well with Revis.

The NFL is a tough place for players.  Contracts are not guaranteed and players can be cut at any time.  The window for earning big money is small, especially when compared to the other major sports.  However, that doesn’t excuse Revis’ behavior.  The Jets gave in to his demands just two years ago and they shouldn’t cower before his threats this time.  If he wants to hold out the Jets should let him whither on the vine.  If he wants to be a complete distraction the Jets should trade him.  Period.  Enough is enough with this.  Is he going to hold out every couple of years just so he can be paid as the top corner in the NFL?  If he thinks that is a good idea perhaps he needs a new agent advising him.

In two years, after his current contract runs out, Revis will only be 29 years old.  There will be a huge payday coming from some team in need of a corner who should still have plenty of good football left in him.  What Revis is doing right now is selfish, plain and simple.  If he decides to hold out the Jets would be better off trading him while they can get at least two extra first round draft picks and perhaps some other picks as well.  I know that isn’t what Jets fans want to hear but enough is enough.  Live up to your end of the bargain, Darrelle or find somewhere else to play.  It is time the Jets send the message that no player is greater than the team.

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