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Rob Ryan Retracts Jerry Jones’ Plan for Dallas Cowboys’ 4-CB Set

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is very excited about his group of cornerbacks. Dallas added two new players at the position this off-season in free agent Brandon Carr and first-round draft pick Morris Claiborne to go along with veterans Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick. On Tuesday, Jones said the Cowboys plan on using all four players in a new hybrid base defensive scheme, but that’s not accurate according to Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

“I don’t know if we’ll do that,” Ryan said. “If we ever get in a need to play all those guys, then we can do that certainly. They have good skill sets where I’m sure they could match up with a tight end, a smaller tight end or whatever. It’s just if that need ever shows up, then you can definitely play those four guys.”

Cowboys secondary coach Jerome Henderson echoed those thoughts by saying it’s necessary to have multiple quality cover corners in a league that’s become so pass-happy. Dallas head coach Jason Garrett then reminded media members his team was plagued by injury in the secondary last season, leading to the decisions to add Carr and Claiborne this off-season.

“Anybody who watched our team last year understood the injury situations that we had and we were getting down to our third, fourth and fifth corner really quickly,” Garrett said. “So when teams are putting three receivers out there, four receivers out there and sometimes five receivers out there, you have to have an arsenal of guys who can cover. We think that’s an important thing.”

Still, Dallas isn’t going to revolutionize the NFL by running basically a 3-3-5 defense as Jones made it seem earlier this week. However, Ryan noted all four cornerbacks might be used at the same time in certain situations and Garrett echoed that as well.

“The specifics of how we use those guys is yet to be determined,” Garret said.

Somebody needs to tell that to Jerry.

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