Two New York Giants Who Need to Step Up in 2012

By jason evans

There are a few New York Giants who need to step up for them to have a chance to repeat they are going to need new people to step up in new roles. Players are going to come and go and new people need to step up. If you draft well this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you look around the league, not everyone does. Two of the Giants are going to need to step up are Will Beatty and Justin Trattou.


Having Justin Trattou as my pick may be surprising, but hear me out. The key to the scheme is getting a pass rush. Dave Tollefson has signed elsewhere and there’s an opening in that fourth defensive end spot. Matthias Kiwanuka is the hyrbid linebacker/defensive end spot so the other defensive end who may get 10 snaps a game is Justtin Trattou. Unless someone else steps up in came that’s unsigned, it really is his spot to lose. Trattou appeared in a few games for the Giants but didn’t get a lot of reps. Tollefson made some plays for the Giants throughout his time on the team and was a guy who made plays at times. Trattou will need to step up and play well when given the opportunity.


Will Beatty is a former second round pick. Beatty got a chance to start last year at left tackle but an eye injury ended his season. Beatty will now probably start at right tackle with David Diehl starting on the left. The offensive line is the key to their offense. When the offensive line played better, the running game played better. When the running game played better, they started to win. Kareem McKenzie won’t be back with the team and everyone else including last year’s draft pick James Brewer are inexperienced except for Sean Locklear.


Every year teams need new people to step up. Whether you’re undrafted or a former second round pick, every year guys who didn’t get a chance to play a lot are given that chance. Trattou and Beatty are two of those guys for the Giants in 2012.

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