Jim Harbaugh Defends Quarterback Alex Smith after Jon Beason Ripped Him

By Dave Daniels

Jim Harbaugh clearly has been feeling uneasy about all the comments about the San Francisco 49ers flirting with Peyton Manning, and he’s trying to put a stop to it.

“”There’s a perception out there, and it’s an erroneous perception, that we were flirting with Peyton Manning,” Harbaugh said. “I keep hearing that over and over and over again. It’s silly. And it’s untrue. It’s phony. Even the perception we were pursuing him. We were evaluating him. I said it all along that Alex Smith is our quarterback. There’s no scenario other than Alex choosing to sign with another team that we would’ve considered him not as our quarterback.

If you can’t smell the B.S. in this quote then you should probably get your nose checked. Of course the 49ers were doing more than just evaluating Peyton Manning. You can evaluate a player on tape, rather than flying to North Carolina to watch him throw and talk to him in person. If the 49ers weren’t serious about Manning, then how come they were one of the teams Manning called to tell them he was signing with the Denver Broncos?

ESPN’s FirstTake crew had a hearty laugh at Harbaugh’s expense. The question needs to be asked: would Harbaugh have been better served just ignoring the noise and concentrating on the season.

Harbaugh defended his quarterback shortly after Jon Beason</strong> had this to say about Alex Smith on twitter: “Alex smith, don’t hate on Cam Bc your stats would’ve gotten u cut if Peyton decided to come 2 San Fran.Truth b told..That’s after a 13-3 yr.”

Smith briefly flirted with the Miami Dolphins during ManningGate, and then eventually re-signed with the 49ers. Smith probably would have been better off if Harbaugh had simply ignored the media’s view on this and kept working on regaining his quarterback’s trust.

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