St. Louis Rams' Latest Stadium Proposal Denied; Case Headed To Arbitration

By Anthony Blake

As expected by many surrounding the situation, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) rejected the St. Louis Rams revised proposal to overhaul the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams will have to play in the dome through the 2014 season, but unless improvements are made to place the stadium into the top eight facilities in the NFL by then, the Rams will be free to leave the city.

The initial offer made by the CVC was for $124 million in upgrades and was quickly discounted by the club. A $700 million counteroffer was brought forth by the Rams organization, but such a renovation would cause the building to be unavailable for conventions during that period of time. Reportedly that was the deal breaker for the CVC and now the ball is back in their court.

Much was made about Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s Los Angeles hopes when he had a bid in for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but since he failed to win that franchise, now much is up in the air surrounding the Rams’ future. The NFL wants to move back to LA, that’s no secret, but would the Rams be the right candidate to make the move?

For now, the CVC and the Rams have until June 15 to come to an agreement before the case moves into arbitration. Both sides seem too far apart to expect any monumental shift within the next two weeks, so that seems like an inevitability at this point.

While a move to Los Angeles is still at least three seasons away, resolving this issue sooner rather than later will allow the focus of fans in St. Louis to shift back to football. The Rams current facility needs plenty of improvements, but fortunately the team on the field has already made plenty of upgrades heading into the 2012 year.

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