Washington Redskins: 3 Apps For The NFL 2012 Season

By Ricky Allen

As the summer season approaches and you’re on the road with your friends and family, I’m sure you’ll want to keep up with the Washington Redskins in your downtime. So, for every fan of the Redskins Nation I’ve compiled three apps that I use on daily basis when I’m on the road or when I’m relaxing in my man cave.

ESPN ScoreCenter: This app gives you everything from news, game schedules, key stats, and video clips. This app is good to use when you’re looking to keep up with more than one team. ScoreCenter also provides plays, key stats, leaderboards, boxscores and scoring summaries.

TuneIn Radio: One of my favorite apps, TuneIn Radio is able to keep you connected to all of your favorite ESPN radio stations, not to mention every radio station around the world. This app is free, easy, and has many features such as saving your favorite stations. The search feature brings up all recommended stations close to what you’re searching for. Categories like music genre, sports, talk, location, or language is also available.

Redskins Feedr: Of course I couldn’t forget the Washington Redskins official iPad app. This app has a very clean layout, and gives you the latest news from around the Net, photos and blog entries from the Washington Redskins site. Released two years ago, it’s believed this was the first iPad application ever released for the iPad by an NFL team. This is a must have for your iPad or iPhone.

If you have an app you’re using to keep up with the latest Redskins News, let me know!

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin

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