Where Should Indianapolis Colts Look in NFL Free Agency?

By J.M. Nicholas

With the NFL free agent market opening up at the beginning of June, the new regime of the Indianapolis Colts could be looking to fill up several areas with veteran players. The Colts have not been very active in free agency in recent years, but with a new team and a new coaching staff, this franchise could find themselves doing well with adding more new blood by way of players who have had success on other teams.

The Colts have cut more veteran Pro-Bowlers, starters, and coaches in this off-season than any other team in recent memory. The Colts cut their general manager, head coach, and seven starters (including a defensive captain) in the period of two weeks. Then there was the egress of a certain 4-time NFL MVP quarterback shortly after, followed by the entrance of a brand new coaching staff, a rookie quarterback, two rookie tight ends, and a general manager in his thirties. After winning only two games in the 2011-12 season, the Indianapolis Colts franchise really has nowhere to go but up.

After cutting so many veteran contracts, the Colts find themselves with a bit more extra cap room than they have been used to. With the new collective bargaining agreement, the Colts were saved from having to throw every penny they had at Andrew Luck. The Colts went very heavy on offense in the draft, which means that if they do hit the free agency market, they could be looking at the defensive side of the ball to beef up a squad that has been notoriously small over the last decade. Defensive line and safety depth could definitely help this team, but their true need on that side of the ball is at the corner back position.

The Colts desperately need a play-making defensive back to bolster that position, and to help defend the fade routes that have burned the Colts so often in the past. The thing is, free agency is quite thin in that respect this season. There are a couple possibilities that the Colts might look into, aside from making a trade for another player. Stay tuned to my coverage of the Colts on rantsports.com for an in-depth look into several free agent defensive backs that the Colts may be looking towards, including one defensive free agent that may surprise you.

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