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Strong Defensive Line Could Be Key for Buffalo Bills Season

Earlier this week I posted a story about Buffalo Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman possibly playing a role on the defensive line next fall.

While I’m not sure how much time Merriman will get on the line, I can agree with what Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt said this week, that that defensive line could be one of the most important pieces of the team all year.

“It’s going to be a defensive line friendly scheme,” said Wannstedt on his defense. ”By that I mean we’ll be as good as our guys up front. That’s how it was at Dallas, at Miami and every place where we’ve run this scheme.”

Wannstedt will have a strong group up front that should include a starting three for sure of Mario Williams, Marcel Dareus, and Kyle Williams, as well as either Chris Kelsay or Mark Anderson starting in that other end spot.

“The guys up front it all starts there,” Wannstedt added.  “If we can get a good rotation going and keep some guys healthy that kind of sets the foundation for what we’re trying to get done here. There’s going to be some transitions, there’s no question about that. Those pre-season games will be very, very important to us because of getting some full speed live work.”

Looking at that line, I have already documented how great I believe Mario Williams can be, and his talent is really on the tip of the iceberg for Buffalo.

Not only will they also have solid players in Anderson (who had 10 sacks last year for the New England Patriots) and Chris Kelsay (also a solid performer for Buffalo), they will also have two other guys (besides Williams) who I believe can be big-time play-makers in Kyle Williams and Dareus.

Kyle Williams was a two-time pro-bowler for Buffalo in 2009 and 2010, before only playing five games last year when he got injured.  I’m confident that he will be able to regain that top form next year, especially with the talent around him.

Dareus is another player that I really expect to step up his play next season.  Thee rookie had a solid first season in Buffalo with 43  tackles and 5.5 sacks, but I believe he can be capable of much more.

Wannstedt seems to know how important this group will be to the team’s success, and it looks like he has a great group to put that success in motion.

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