The Fate Of The 2012 New York Jets Rests On The Shoulders Of Mark Sanchez

By Akiva Goldenberg

The New York Jets lack the personnel for a truly successful rushing offense and they have a very fast pair of starting wide receivers. Success for the Jets will come only if Mark Sanchez progresses and becomes an above average quarterback (QB) in 2012.

Fans have seen glimpses of the potential Sanchez has but he hasn’t put together one full game where he played extremely well. The biggest reason for that is his decision making. If the fourth year starter can understand when to throw the ball away and when to throw to specific receivers, then the Jets will be more successful in 2012 compared to 2011.

This league, the NFL, changed the rules to favor passing the ball, which is why last year some quarterbacks threw for more than 5,000 yards. If Tony Sparano, the offensive coordinator of the team, understands this, then he should try to emphasize throwing the ball.

Sadly the top two tight ends on the Jets roster are not capable blockers, so that means the team will have a harder time fooling opponents. The lack of a true number one tailback also doesn’t help matters. Clearly the most dangerous runner on the team is backup QB Tim Tebow.

Ideally Tebow would help the team with their rushing offense while Sanchez throws the majority of the passes. The team’s defense will be better in 2012 than it was in 2011 but I’m still uncomfortable with this offense. Obviously throwing the ball more is riskier for the Jets considering the lack of Sanchez’s success in the regular season but if he can understand this new playbook and make the transition from mediocre game manager to true star quarterback, then the team would be a Super Bowl contender.


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