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Tom Benson Should Replace The Front Office Of The New Orleans Saints

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Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints, needs to fire Sean Payton and the rest of the team’s coaching staff. When he became aware of the Bounty situation Benson ordered Mickey Loomis, the team’s general manager, and Payton to stop it, but they simply ignored his demands.

An owner should have the ultimate authority within an organization. He/she is the one supplying the income for the front office and players. That is a major reason for why he should take the action I suggest.

Joe Vitt also knew about the bounty scandal, and was implicated as one of those involved, but completely denied the existence of the situation, he should also be fired. Loomis should also be terminated since he not only ignored the demands of Benson but also is the head of a front office that has upset the Saints’ star player and franchise quarterback Drew Brees.

Without Brees the Saints are essentially a 5-11 team, which is better than what happened to another team that lost their quarterback in 2011, but certainly not good enough to even contend for third place in the NFC South.

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