What The NY Jets Should Do If Darrelle Revis Does Not Show Up To Training Camp

By Akiva Goldenberg

Darrelle Revis is definitely the most skilled player on the New York Jets. He is the best cornerback (CB) in the NFL and is arguably the only true shutdown CB in the league. The problem with Revis is that he wants more money in 2012 since his contract stipulates he will make about $7.5 million in 2012.

So what should the team do if Revis holdouts from training camp? In my opinion they should strongly consider trading him for an impact player and a first/second round pick. Yes Revis is the best at what he does but teams can just ignore him and throw to the other side of the field.

I strongly believe Kyle Wilson would be a far better player as a starting cornerback lining up on the outside than he is at the nickel, which would cushion the blow of losing Revis. The fact is that Revis is threatening the morale of the team and no player is worth more than the rest of the team.

It would be sad to see him go but hopefully he doesn’t holdout and force the team into that type of situation.

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