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NFL Green Bay Packers

A Lost Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Ring Shows Up During Federal Drug Bust

The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV, which means a lot of people involved with the team get Super Bowl rings.  At some point in time, a member of the organization had their ring stolen.  In a weird twist, the missing Super Bowl ring was found during a federal drug bust.

The defendants, all from the Chicago area, have been under surveillance for months, but it remains unclear how one of them ended up with the Super Bowl ring. The Packers won Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the team received its rings in June of 2011.

I would imagine that this drug bust also involved a bit of robberies.  That is my guess to how a Green Bay Packers ring could end up in the hands of these guys.  Either that or the person was communicating with the drug ring in some sort of wacky scheme.

Hopefully the stolen ring gets returned to the Green Bay Packers employee.  If it was stolen in a robbery, I am sure that they would be happy to get it back.  If they sold it for some other reason, then there may be a reason why they do not want the ring.

This is certainly one of the weirder stories involving sports memorabilia.  I know for a fact that if ever got a Super Bowl ring from the Green Bay Packers, I would never let it out of my site.  Maybe the person who lost their’s will keep that in mind.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.