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Jacksonville Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon May Not Be Mature Enough For NFL After Second D.U.I. Incident

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested over the weekend and charged with aggravated D.U.I. after the former Oklahoma State standout blew three times the legal limit when he was pulled over in Stillwater, Oklahoma. For a rookie that has yet to step on the football field during an actual game and is set to make millions over the next couple of years for playing a sport he loves, this is nothing but a disgrace for Blackmon.

Blackmon was seen as the most talented wide receiver in this year’s draft class after posting 232 receptions for 3,304 yards and 38 touchdowns during his final two seasons with the Cowboys. With these types of numbers, it was no surprise to see a team like the Jaguars–who are in desperate need of help at the wide receiver position–move up in the first round to make sure they landed Blackmon before another team in the top 10 could do so.

Now, Jacksonville is left wondering whether or not selecting Blackmon was a mistake considering his history of off-the-field issues. Blackmon was also involved with another D.U.I. incident while playing at Oklahoma State back in 2010–which makes two incidents over the last three years.

This is just another case of a professional athlete showing how irresponsible they can be when an incident like this could have easily been avoided. By making the poor decision to drive while three times over the legal limit, Blackmon put his life and the life of anyone else on the road during that time at risk.

NFL players are supposed to be role models to their fans. Blackmon couldn’t even make it to training camp before running into problems with the law–which makes it seem like the wideout may not be mature enough for the NFL at this stage in his career.

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