Washington Redskins: Pierre Garcon Brings Depth, Talent to Roster

By Ricky Allen

Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Pierre Garcon is used to having a good quarterback, especially when you’ve  played for one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Before the Redskins, there were the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning, and a cast and crew that struck fear into many. Manning was a machine, and each receiver, from Garcon to Reggie Wayne, had no choice but to perform to Manning’s level.

Fast forward some time: The Colts are revamped, Manning’s inDenver, and Garcon is a Redskin.  He still needs that good quarterback.

He may have found it in Robert Griffin III.

“He’s got a very strong arm,” Garçon said last Thursday after the team finished up a 90-minute practice at Redskins Park. “He’s athletic. He is picking up on the playbook very quickly. … He has a very strong arm, and once he gets everything down pat, he will be a very dangerous quarterback.”

But with a five-year, $42.5 million contract, the Redskins will need more from Garcon other than positive reviews. With the Colts, his stats rose during those three years: In 2009 he was 47 for 765 yards. In 2010 he caught 67 for 784 yards. Last season he caught 70 for 947 yards.

These are stats the Redskins need.  Redzone scoring up to this point, especially when it comes to passing for touchdowns, is something that will be unfortunately new for the Redskins.  And I say that will confidence because with a guy like Garcon you’re not going to just ignore him: You will throw him the ball.  That’s what he’s there for.

But it also raises the question of where Santana Moss fits in this scenario. Garcon will be a great addition to an area of the Redskins team that has struggled.  However, Moss is going to have to step his game up. Chris Cooley has always been a trusted target while Fred Davis is Franchised. Moss will have to put his cards on the table early and show he still “has it”.

Let’s be real: Last year was awful for Moss.  He caught 46 for 584 yards. In respect he did play just 12 games but that’s neither here nor there, especially when you crack 1,000 yards the season prior.

Garcon comes to the Burgundy and Gold looking to play for another great quarterback. This time, he has the chance to actually take part in his molding.  Either he will be the target or one of many.  Davis, Cooley, and Moss will be the determining factors in that. Until then, enjoy the show, because I’m sure RG III is going to spread the ball out to everyone.



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