Brian Cushing Misses OTA Due To Knee Surgery

By Chris Shelton

Brian Cushing -arguably the Houston Texans best defensive player- missed practice yesterday due to knee soreness. The team sent him for a MRI. The Texans did not disclose which knee was sore.

The 54th best NFL player, as ranked by his peers, watched practice but did not participate.

Cushing has a history of problems with his right knee. In 2010, he underwent surgery to repair his patella tendon. This past season he suffered an injury to his knee in a matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. He did return to the game.

Cushing’s injury becomes the third installment of the Texans’ injury trifecta. Three of their top players are missing time in OTAs. All three are said to be minor. And all three are expected to be back for Training Camp. Matt Schaub injured his foot last season and missed several games; Andre Johnson recently had a knee scope and now add Cushing to that group.

Cushing is a great player for the Texans and the antithesis of injury prone. Head coach Gary Kubiak said the injury was not serious.

“No, just his knee got sore on him,” Kubiak said, “and I’m going to err on that side (of caution) this time of year, so we sent him down for an MRI. He did come out and watch practice, and it gives some other guys a chance to get some reps.”

Cushing started all 16 games last season.

Cushing has not missed a game due to injury in his career (he has missed games involuntarily though). That is impressive given the position that he plays.

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