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Dallas Cowboys Should Keep Indianapolis Colts on Ropes Regarding Mike Jenkins Trade

The Dallas Cowboys have already turned down trade offers from four different teams for cornerback Mike Jenkins, including at least three by the Indianapolis Colts. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been adamant that Jenkins won’t be traded at all heading into the final year of his rookie contract, but that doesn’t discourage the Colts.

Reports from both Indianapolis and Dallas say the Colts aren’t backing down regarding a trade for Jenkins. While the details of the Colts’ trade offers to the Cowboys aren’t known, it’s rumored they were in the ballpark of a late-round draft pick and a backup player. Dallas media and analysts scoffed at that, but the Colts area obviously more serious about this than once thought.

While Jenkins’ trade value will rise once he’s on the practice field and the season starts, so the Cowboys are wise to hang on to him for now. He’s yet to report to Valley Ranch for OTAs, which began two weeks ago and the status of his surgically-repaired right shoulder is unknown due to his absence.

The extent of the Colts’ planned trade efforts are also unknown;  they might make a few more offers prior to training camp and then give up or this might drag on all the way until the NFL trade deadline in late October. The Cowboys are winners of the situation regardless because interest from Indianapolis boosts Jenkins’ trade value and it will continue to rise once he’s on the field and shows that his shoulder is healthy.

This might a storyline that demands some attention as the season draws near due to Jones’ history to change his mind quickly. Stay tuned.

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