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Dallas Cowboys Wise to Turn Down 4 Trade Offers for Mike Jenkins

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Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins has to be pretty stressed out. He asked for a trade and has failed to show up for his team’s OTAs while Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insists Jenkins is doing something productive away from Valley Ranch.

To top off Jenkins’ frustrations following Dallas’ signing of Brandon Carr and drafting of Morris Claiborne, the Cowboys have reportedly turned down trade offers from four different teams for Jenkins. That’s the smartest thing Dallas could have done, especially this early in the off-season.

Jenkins is coming off surgery on his right shoulder, which could be rehabbed more efficiently if he was at Valley Ranch under the supervision of the Cowboys’ training staff, and keeps his trade value at a minimum as long as he’s off the practice field.

Although several teams have inquired about Jenkins, including the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions, his trade value will increase significantly once he’s on the field this fall proving his shoulder is healed.

While Jones has repeatedly said he won’t trade Jenkins, anyone familiar with the Cowboys’ colorful owner knows he always listens to offers, regardless of what he tells the media. While the details of the four trade offers are unknown, it’s safe to assume they’re not up to par with the value Jones has placed on Jenkins. However, that could soon change.

Granted Jenkins shows up for training camp, which his agent Drew Rosenhaus says he will, his trade value will begin to rise. If he’s on the field at all, he’ll be worth more than what those four teams have offered the Cowboys already and if he plays often and/or fairly well, he’ll be a hot trade name around the time of the trade deadline near mid-season.

Jones says Jenkins is part of the Cowboys’ long-term plan, but that’s only if he signs a new deal before the end of the season as he’ll be a free agent this time next year. By the trade deadline in late October, Dallas will know whether Jenkins is indeed going to be a faithful part of its long-term plan.

If not, his trade value will be higher than ever at that point and the Cowboys will likely get a nice return for him. Either way, Jones is smart to keep Jenkins around for now.

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