Tennessee Titans: Geting Involved in Community to Take Stress away from Offseason

By Stephanie Umek

While the team still have much work to do before the season starts in the fall, like worry about having all their main wide receivers on the field at the same time, or if Chris Johnson will come back at 100% or who will be the starting quarterback, the Tennessee Titans are more focused now on really getting involved in the community.

It helps to take the stress of the work load but it’s not just the players that have to get involved in the community, it’s the coaches too.

On June 14, Head Coach Mike Munchak will be hosting a community event entitled “Coach Mike Munchak’s Strikes to Stop Diabetes”. Munchak has partnered with The American Diabetes Association of Tennessee and Pinnacle Financial to help raise awareness of the horrible disease. Munchak will be accompanied by a few of his players too.

Quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck, Jake Locker and Rookie Rusty Smith along with, Wide Receivers Nate Washington and Kenny Britt have all confirmed that they will be at the event for support. The Tournament will be held at the Hilwood Strike & Spare located at 3710 Annex Avenue in Nashville Tennessee. The event will start at 6 p.m.

The way that the event will work, is teams of four are able to be purchases, for $1200, and will then be reserved a lane at the event. All proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association of Tennessee. Each participant will receive a commemorative bowling shirt and a team picture with at least one of the players that are present at the event.

Bowling events are always such an easy way to gather a huge crowd and no pressure for the players on top of it. It’s something easy that everyone enjoys and it’s a great experience.  I hope that the Titans are able to fill the lanes at the Strike & Spare to help raise money for diabetes.

For more information please contact:

Kristie P. Ryan at the American Diabetes Association

615.298.3066  ext. 3335

krryan@diabetes.org at the American Diabetes Association.

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