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Coach Tom Coughlin Gets His Extension

The New York Giants gave head coach Tom Coughlin a new three year worth over $20 million. Coughlin who has helped lead the team to two super bowls in the past four years. The deal will run through the 2014 season, at which time Coughlin will be 68 years old (and probably retire). Coughlin clearly has the respect of the players, the owners, and the general manager and has a great working relationship will all of them. It’s very hard to win in any sport, let alone football, if everything isn’t in sync and everyone has to be on the same page.


There’s no doubt that Coughlin deserves the extension. As much as sometimes you want to pull you’re hair out watching him coach, with some of the decisions that get made, two Super Bowl championships in four years speak for themselves. Coughlin’s time in New York hasn’t always been the best. The fights with Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan, players getting used to Coughlin time, etc. but since the first Super Bowl title, the kinder and gentler Coughlin has gotten the most out of his players. Creating things like the leadership council, has certainly helped that process.


The interesting thing will be to see how the team responds in 2014. Will Coughlin still have the power in the room with the players knowing that he may retire and is a lame duck coach? The Giants may be wise to give him a one year, thank you for all you’ve done extension before that season, or have him come out and say I’m retiring and that maybe Perry Fewell, if he’s still the defensive coordinator at that point, will be coaching the team.


With all that said, I say congrats to coach Coughlin on the extension and I can’t wait for some dumb radio talk show caller to call for him to be fired if the Giants struggle at any point this season.