Eli Manning Being Ranked 31st by NFL Players Is More Proof They are Idiots

During this down time in the NFL, the NFL Network has been airing their series they started last year called the NFL Top 100. This is a list voted on by the players, and apparently it is only supposed to be based on the previous season. I do not really understand the point of ranking players based on one year, but I digress.

The players whiffed when they did not even place New York Giants QB Eli Manning in the top 100 last year, and they got it wrong again when they ranked him the 31st player, as shown by the NFL Network tonight.

Really? There were 30 players who had better seasons than the Super Bowl XLVI MVP? Even if you are going off regular season numbers, Eli’s were through the roof in 2011. He tossed for 4,933 yards, which is the sixth highest total in NFL history. Add on 29 touchdown passes and the fact that he was dealing with the league’s worst rushing attack, and you should be talking about a guy ranked no lower than 20.

Tack on the fact that he won the Super Bowl and was the game’s clear cut MVP, and he should have been no lower than No. 10.

But the truth of the matter is that no one can tell if this list is based on just last year or career achievements. Some players make you think the former, others the latter. Mostly the rankings just make me feel like the players are complete morons. In what world is Tim Tebow a better NFL player than Chris Johnson? How does Peyton Manning make the list if he didn’t play a down in 2011?

Several questions are raised, but the main thing is the NFL players should not be evaluating themselves. At least we, the spectators, should not be taking the rankings seriously.


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  • Paul

    It is just straight out DISRESPECTFUL to have the reigning SB MVP at number 31. Wait a minute. Its even worse. Eli is a TWO TIME SB MVP and these knuckleheads (whomever they are) voted 30 players higher than him. I can’t watch that show anymore. It has been an up and down crap fest.

    • Jeff Shull

      It is definitely a joke…how is Tim Tebow ranked better than Chris Johnson??

  • keith

    Thank you I said the same thing I could live with him being 15 at worst but 31 really they have 7 LB’s ahead of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I take ELi over Bree’s or Brady any day to run my team.

    • Jeff Shull

      I dunno about taking Eli over those guys, but he’s definitely on their level now.