Packers and Bears to take their rivalry to the links

By Nate Woelfel

In anticipation of the Ryder Cup, which is to be held at Medinah Country Club in Medinah. Ill., the Green Bay Packers will be taking on the Chicago Bears in a golf tournament on June 18.

The event, which has been dubbed the Rivalry Cup, will put current and former members of each team against one another in a Ryder Cup- style tournament that will benefit charity.

For the sake of argument, let’s forget, for a moment, that the proceeds from this event are going to charity. After all, it is hard to not be happy to see teams supporting their communities. But, for a moment let’s pretend that has nothing to do with it.

It is a bit odd, and almost unfitting, that the longest rivalry in the most testosterone fueled sport in the nation is being minimized to a glorified golf outing.

There is no doubt that the amount of tension between rivals dissipates when off the field. It usually gets reduced even further when players hang up the cleats and call it a career. There is nothing wrong with that.

But, excuse me for wanting to believe that the members of these two historic franchises who are still playing hate each other on a personal level.

Any good plot needs conflict and though the drama that takes place on the football field is unscripted, tension is still needed to build a compelling storyline.

I sincerely hope that this is not another example of players not being as intense as they were in yesteryear. It’s an argument made by old-timers in almost every sport. Back in the “good-ole days,” fraternizing with players on opposing team, much less your sworn enemy, was frowned upon.

Who knows, maybe there will be some drama. Perhaps John Kuhn sinks a birdie putt on the eighth hole and proceeds to throw on the belt in front of Robbie Gould. One can only hope.

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