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Washington Redskins Make Virginia Their Permanent Home

In what has been a monumental off-season for the Washington Redskins, the team has made yet another huge decision by making Virginia their permanent home. Confirmed today by Virginia’s governor, Bob McDonnell, the Redskins are moving their training camp in 2013 to Richmond and will be making significant improvements to their training facility in Ashburn, VA.

Gov. McDonnell – a Redskins fan for more than 45 years calls this move, “very exciting news” especially because he’s married to a Redskins’ cheerleader.

It was announced by Gov. McDonnell that the Redskins will build a $30 million home in Ashburn, VA (Loudon County). Construction will begin “soon” according to Gov. McDonell.

Richmond will become the team’s summer training camp facility for 3-weeks beginning in 2013. The move was committed to for 8-years.

Richmond (RVA) Mayor Dwight Jones believes as the Redskins seek to enlarge their footprint, RVA is an ideal location. As far as where exactly the team will be housed, Mayor Jones says “there’s not one location that isn’t being considered.” RVA plans to put together a “task force” with input from local colleges and businesses to find the perfect location for the Redskins.

Redskins’ Executive Vice President, Bruce Allen – a Richmond spider alumni says “I only know football with an NFL team traveling away. It gives you that special bond of camaraderie where they can focus on team and teammates.”

Bruce Allen also acknowledged the fact that moving the team to RVA will be great for fans who haven’t been able to travel up to Northern Virginia. Allen said that he loves the location in Loudon County, but wanted to convert it into “Redskins park 3.” So I guess we can officially consider this mission, RP3.

The time period on construction will be determined by the architect(s), said Bruce Allen. “We want to improve the physical and mental part of the building. Improving the weight room, training room,  and cafeteria.”

Bowie, Maryland or a triumphant return to Washington D.C was discussed and thought to be where the team would eventually train. However, Bruce Allen stated that Northern Virginia has been great for 41 years, over half of the franchise’s life.

So, there’s a new bubble, a new quarterback, a new training camp location, and now a future new training facility. There’s never an off-season when you’re a Washington Redskins’ fan.

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