Quentin Jammer expects to play better for the San Diego Chargers in 2012

By Kenny Gardner

According to cbssports.com writer Dan McLellan, San Diego Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer was quoted as saying “I was unfocused and depressed last season because I was going through a divorce.”  Jammer had an awful season in 2011 as quarterbacks averaged 11 yards per attempt when they threw the ball to the wide receiver he defended.  Jammer also allowed six touchdowns and was unable to get an interception in 15 games played.

San Diego’s pass defense was ranked 13th last season, but only two teams had fewer pass attempts thrown against them, and only five teams allowed a higher quarterback rating.  Jammer was a big reason why this happened as well as Antoine Cason who was torched in coverage and pulled as a starter for two games.  We have seen one of the greatest golfers of all time struggle after a divorce to go along with injuries, so it does not surprise me that Jammer’s play suffered as a result of his marriage coming to an end.  However, Jammer turned 32 years old before the start of the 2011 season, so age as well as games played has to be considered as factors of his ineffectiveness.  In 10 seasons with the Chargers, Jammer played in 156 of the 160 regular season games as well as all eight of their playoff games during this time frame.

In McLellan’s same article, it was reported that “Jammer is making several fine plays,” but only time will tell because OTAs can be deceiving.  San Diego needs Jammer and Cason to play better this season so their pass defense will improve to go along with what should be an improved run defense.  This is the final year of Jammer’s contract, so he has a bit of extra motivation heading into this season.










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