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Chad Ochocinco On St. Louis Rams’ Radar

The big news in the league on Thursday was the expected release of wide receiver Chad Ochocinco by the New England Patriots. After career lows in every category during the 2011 season, the Pats decided to part ways with the enigmatic pass catcher.

How does this pertain to the St. Louis Rams you may be asking? Well even though they have a bevy of young talent poised to breakout at the receiver position, the Rams are being mentioned as one of the potential landing spots for Ochocinco.

While Ochocinco and Terrell Owens (both currently without and NFL team) will be the most talked about options for teams short on veteran wideouts as the season gets closer, it seems like a bit of a stretch to think that Rams would even consider bringing either player aboard.

Owens is a well-documented team deconstructionist with declining skills at 37 years of age whereas Ochocinco is aging at 34, but his biggest question mark is his malleability after a failure in New England due to his inability to learn the playbook.

Both players have the public interest peaked, but neither one is all that relevant anymore when it comes to the better receivers in the NFL. The Rams have plenty of talent at the receiver position and a very young team that doesn’t need any negative influences to corrupt them during the learning process.

Some believe that signing a player like Ochocinco would help quarterback Sam Bradford’s development with a veteran presence to lean on, but the Rams’ third-year signal caller seems perfectly content with the current assembly of players around him. Chemistry is the most important element on any football team and adding either of these two declining divas at receiver would be a nightmare in that department.