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Darrelle Revis Is Creating A Problem For Himself

In an interview, on Thursday, Darrelle Revis told the Star Ledger’s Jenny Vrentas that he wants to retire as a member of the New York Jets. He followed that statement by saying, “If they feel that, if Mike [Tannenbaum] feels that I’m that type of person to be here, then they will compensate me. If not, then it’s the business of it.”

Revis has not commited to attending training camp in 2012, which is strange since he hasn’t spoken to his agents about his contract, as he put it, ” in a while”. Despite this fact he keeps answering questions from journalists about the matter and saying that his current contract was a “band-aid” deal which was supposed to be redone.

He’s creating a problem that shouldn’t exist, and by continuing to reiterate that he’s not sure he will attend training camp he’s drawing the ire of the fans. The cornerback even responded to a rude Twitter follower, who demanded that Revis not holdout, by saying “shut up“. Such a response is a complete waste of time and could have negatively impacted his image.

Fans, ownership, and general managers do not fully appreciate the fact the professional football players are risking their health for the entertainment of others. In exchange they get paid, on average, less than players in the NBA or MLB, sports which involve less physical risk. Because of this reason NFL players need to be careful when asking for a new contract, especially when they already have one.

Yes Revis deserves to get paid well but as Jon Presser of Rant Sports pointed out , in his article (cited above), the benefits of going to training camp outweigh the one year decline in wage.