Denver Broncos Linebacker DJ Williams Posted Plays Online

By Riley Schmitt

DJ Williams of the Denver Broncos isn’t exactly happy that he has to learn new plays for a new defense.  However, I do think he made one major error.  He posted pictures of some plays on his Twitter account, which has to make the coaching staff thrilled.

DJ Williams may have just made one of the dumbest mistakes that a player can make.  Giving away plays is not something you want to do ever.  There is a good chance that those plays will have to be thrown away and more are going to have to be drawn up.  Some people thought that this was a joke but it looks pretty legit to me.  I bet he is going to get a talking to from his coaching staff.

Twitter is a great tool but athletes continue to screw up while using it.  If you are going to have a Twitter account as a famous person, I would keep it as bland as possible.  Sure, it might be boring, but you will be less prone to screwups like this.  I bet DJ Williams wishes he never posted that picture.  Just not a smart move by anyone, but especially by a guy learning a new defense.

Hopefully players learn from DJ Williams.  It is great to interact with fans on Twitter, but giving away state secrets is something you need to avoid.  Fans like access, but I am pretty sure they do not need that much access to Broncos plays.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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