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Jacksonville Jaguars Release Aaron Kampman

The end of the Aaron Kampman era has come a lot sooner than the Jacksonville Jaguars had originally hoped for when they signed him to a four-year $24 million deal prior to the 2010 season.

The Jaguars released the veteran defensive end on Thursday after he spent two injury plagued seasons with the team.

The Jaguars knew they were taking a risk when they signed Kampman as a free agent coming off a season with the Green Bay Packers in which he tore his ACL. Despite the questions about his health, the Jaguars still gave Kampman $10 million in guaranteed money in an attempt to help provide a boost to their struggling pass rush.

The gamble never paid off for the Jaguars.

In his two seasons with the team, Kampman only got on the field for 11 games. However, his impact on the Jaguars stretched beyond the field if you ask his fellow defensive lineman.

The Jaguars can only hope that Kampman’s leadership and work ethic rubbed off on some of the younger guys that the team will turn to in the defensive line rotation next season.

The release of Kampman is certainly a sign that the Jaguars have confidence in some of the young defensive ends that they have on the roster.

There is still high hopes for Austen Lane, who is coming off of a shoulder injury, who has shown some flashes in his first two seasons with the Jaguars. They also have high hopes for this year’s second round draft pick Andre Branch in being able to help improve the Jaguars low sack totals from the past couple of seasons.