Like it or not, concussions are part of the game

By Nate Woelfel

It was announced on Thursday that over 2,000 former NFL players filed a unified lawsuit against the league alleging that it has mishandled the issue of concussions.

Concussion awareness has been a growing issue in recent years and, though he never intended to be, former Packers’ running back Dorsey Levens has been at the forefront of the effort.

Levens , who was one of several players to file a lawsuit against the NFL in December, has been making a documentary on concussions which is entitled, “Bell Rung.” He, like many players, believe that the league failed to properly inform players of the risks concussions posed to their personal well-being.

There is no doubt that the NFL was in the wrong if they did not do as much as they could to make players aware of the full scale of the dangers they faced and continue to face today.

On the other hand, players have to have a rough idea of the risks of their sport. It’s football. No matter how rough and tumble things get, it is still a game. Yes, it can be dangerous, but no one is forcing any of these players to partake in the game, they do so by choice.

The culture of pro football often endorses the ideals of being physically tough and playing through pain. However, the amount of pain or discomfort a player decides to play through it completely up to them.

In a way, the NFL is seeking skilled laborers. If the average Joe was in any condition to endure the type of punishment that these men do on a daily basis, the pay days that many of the star players receive would be nowhere near the current amounts.

It is hard to be empathetic toward millionaires who made their fortunes playing what amounts to nothing more than a child’s game at a high level.

The message is simple, if you are that worried about concussions, don’t play football.

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