Tennessee Titans Testing Out Many Players at Many Different Positions

There is still a lot to do before the start of the season in August and the Tennessee Titans are excited to get as many of their weapons prepared as they can. Throughout this week the team has really been testing many guys at many positions, and everyone has their eye on the 20th overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, Kendall Wright.

Wright has been placed in the “X” position for most of the offseason program so far, but Chris Palmer is testing him around the field to see where he best fits, in previous articles I have touched on the fact that the team wants Wright, Kenny Britt and Nate Washington on the field all at the same time. The method behind this madness, according to what Palmer told reporters today, is that he wants to be sure that he has many different threats at many different positions available at any time.

Which completely makes sense, as long as it is going to work. My only concern with this is putting a lot of pressure on these three guys all the time. Argue with me that these guys are professionals, but they get worn out too, they are still human.

Along with making key moves with the receivers, there is along huge hole that the Titans still have to fill, and that is the cornerback position. Now the team has many guys who want to step up to the task of filling in that gap. It’s looking like Jason McCourty is going to end up being the starter, considering he’s the one who split time last year with Cortland Finnegan. But other veterans like Alterraun Verner and Tommie Campbell have also voiced that they want in on the action. I have a feeling, though he is a very talented rookie, that Coty Sensabaugh will not be seeing any playing time. It will be a good one or two years for him to sit back and take some notes.

All the “problems” that the Titans seem to be having, are relatively good problems if you ask me. You have two solid quarterbacks, deep into the bench with receivers and guys just itching to get at the cornerback position. If I were Chris Palmer, or Mike Munchak, I would so far be very satisfied with this offseason.

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  • Gary

    I agree with you for the most part, but I don’t share the same concern with you on putting a lot of pressure on Britt, Washington and Wright. Remember last season Britt was out and Williams got a lot of playing time along with Hawkins. Therefore I expect that all 5 WR’s will play allowing Britt, Washington and Wright to get rest when they need it. The Titans are very comfortable with Williams now and will allow him to rotate in at times but optimally the top 3 WR’s are going to be Britt, Washington and Wright.

    About the cornerback position, Jason McCourty didn’t split time with Finnegan at all, he was the starter opposite Finnegan and in the nickel package, Finnegan moved inside while Verner started on the outside. Now with Finnegan gone, Verner will move inside and Tommy Campbell will most likely start outside opposite McCourty. The only unknown factor is Campbell as he didn’t play much corner last season, he mostly played special teams. Based on that though, I wouldn’t call it a huge hole. There are guys on the roster that will compete for that spot and so far I think Campbell is leading the pack. He’s big, fast and just needs to continue improving his technique. I actually think the secondary will be much improved from last season mainly because of the fact that this is the first off season some of these guys have had. So I’m a lot less concerned about the secondary or the WR’s.

    I’m more concerned about the run blocking and hoping they’ve done enough to improve that.