Chad Ochocinco Wants To Play For The Miami Dolphins

By Max Luckan

Could a return to South Beach be in order for Chad Ochocinco? According to the latest reports, that just might be the case. Ochocinco was released by the New England Patriots on Thursday, and is currently unemployed, as his Twitter page proudly indicates.

However, it looks like Ochocinco would really enjoy playing for the Miami Dolphins down in South Beach. Ochocinco, of course, was born and raised in Miami, Florida, which is the main reason why this move might make sense. However, the football side of things would have to be mutually beneficial as well. At 34, Chad Ochocinco may be nearing the end of the line as a pro, but he might have something left in the tank.

The Dolphins could use the addition of a veteran receiver to help out the presumed starter, Ryan Tannehill. Remember, the Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall and the receiving corp could use some help. Ochocinco’s production definitely won’t be the same as it was five years ago, but the move might be worth a gamble for the Dolphins. It’s also worth noting that the Dolphins agreed to do HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” and a character like Ochocinco might boost those ratings.

There have also been multiple debates on whether Ochocinco has the football I.Q. to grasp a new offense in order for him to be effective. Some reports have indicated that Ochocinco didn’t fully grasp the system in New England, and that he simply didn’t fit into the system installed there.

For right now, Chad Ochocinco remains unemployed, but some team will probably roll the dice with him.

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