For The Miami Dolphins Things Might Get Worse Before They Get Better

In 2011 the Miami Dolphins won six games during the regular season. The team has replaced their coaching staff and changed their philosophy on offense/defense. That transition will not be complete for at least a few years.

The first problem Miami has is the lack of talent at the wide receiver position, especially after they traded away Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears. Their starting quarterback, barring any significant injuries, will be Matt Moore or David Garrard.

Neither of those options or the rookie Ryan Tannehill are quality starters for this upcoming season. Basically the team’s best player is their left tackle Jake Long, but offensive linemen don’t score points and they don’t prevent the opposition from scoring them either.

Another problem is the defense is switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3 and don’t have the ideal personnel for that formation. If the team could surpass last year’s record of six games, then it would be a sign of good progress.

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  • echmjh

    why is eveybody so down on Miami. geez the 49ers were 6-10 in 2010 and changed coaching staffs and all of a sudden went 13-3 and ere a fumble away from going to the SB. I don’t think Miami will do that well but I think the stink that Parcells, Sporano and co. left will be purged and this team will be very competitive.

    Miami plays in a much tougher division than the 49ers but Philbin will turn this team around. The talent level in the NFL is all very close, coaching and attitude is where the differnce is made. When this team goes from playing not to lose to wide open and aggresive there will be a lot of people eating their words.


    WRONG! Cam wake might be the most valuable player his year sitching to the 4-3, and also D Bess is a dream WR r the wt coast offense.