Matt Schaub Believes That He Is Completely Healthy

By Chris Shelton

The Houston Texans have finally garnered what they need to be a successful team this NFL season: a healthy Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

On Thursday during OTAs Schaub said, “I’m ready to go.” Mini-camp will run from June 12-14.

That is a good thing to hear if you are a fan of the Houston Texans. The team’s QB is not their best offensive player -Johnson or Arian Foster deserve that distinction- but he is certainly their most important player in terms of winning and losing.

With Foster gone for three games due to a hamstring injury the team went 3-1. Without Schaub Houston went 3-3 in a larger sample size. But the immense difference in the fluidity of the offense was clearly apparent with Schaub on the sideline.

It is possible that Schaub’s linsfranc -a term many Houstonians, including myself, had never heard before their QB went down-cost the Texans a trip to the Super Bowl.

You cannot genuinely say that about an injury to Johnson or Foster. I guess it is the exacerbation incarnated of the enhanced importance of increasingly, the most important position in sports today.

If healthy, the triplet combination of Schaub, Johnson and Foster is among the best in the league. So coupled with a great defense, Super Bowl aspirations are warranted.

That is a big if though.

The head coach is confident in where his QB is.

“I feel good about Matt and where he’s at,” Kubiak said. “I think he could be practicing right now.”

When training camp rolls around, the Texans will be near the the team the expect themselves to be.

This season is a watershed moment for this organization.

Will they step up and become a good, consistent franchise, or will they slink back into mediocrity?

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